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Baylor Business Sell-Off

Do you have what it takes to succeed in professional sales?  The Baylor Business Sell-Off is coming up.  According to the website for the Hankamer School of Business,

“The Baylor Business Sell-Off competition is designed to allow students to engage in a realistic sales situation, providing students an opportunity to demonstrate and improve their selling abilities.

An individual-level competition, Business Sell-Off students engage in a live role play with a business executive. All role plays are viewed by business executives from around the country, offering students a chance to gain valuable feedback and prospective job offers.”

Visit the website for details on the event and how to register to compete.

Business Majors for Students Who Like to Help

One of the more challenging aspects of selecting a major and career goal is when a student believes that their primary interests are in direct opposition to one another.  Rather than a challenge, consider such a scenario as an opportunity to get creative.

Many students come to us who are attracted to the job opportunities available with a business major, yet they question if the resulting careers will allow them to help and serve other people.  They often emphasize that they want to make a difference in the world.  Here are a few options to ponder:

  • Business for Secondary Education– This major allows students to gain a broad business background, as well as the opportunity to pursue a teacher certification upon graduation.  You can share your business savvy with future generations, providing students with necessary skills for the workforce, and possibly even inspiring them to pursue a career in business.
  • Human Resource Management– This major offers training in conflict resolution, staffing, and other subjects that prepare you for working with the employees of an organization.
  • Marketing- Nonprofit and Development Track– Students can use this version of the marketing major to launch a career with agencies that have helping as their mission.
  • Financial Planning– Assisting individuals with decisions regarding their finances is a role with long-term impact.
  • Prehealth students might find the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Baylor Business Fellows programs to accommodate their prehealth courses a bit more easily than the traditional Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • A business major is also strong preparation for a career in healthcare administration.
  • Depending on how you choose to apply your business knowledge in the workforce, any business major can lead to a rewarding career that allows you to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

For more information, follow the hyperlinks above, or contact Career Counseling to begin your journey in combining your unique interests.

Career Spotlight: Management Analyst

Do you enjoy offering advice?  Is research your forte?  Are you looking for a career in a growing industry?  If so, read further for information on a career as a management analyst.

According to the O*NET OnLine, management analysts, “conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplifications and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively.”  They help managers determine the best strategies for success.

The Occupational Outlook Quarterly explains that educational backgrounds for management analysts vary, though many possess a Master of Business Administration degree.  It goes on to list common undergraduate majors as business, management, marketing, economics, and engineering.  The publication also notes that many management analysts have work experience with management information systems.

For more information, and to determine if a career as a management analyst might be a fit for you, visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook.