Welcome to the EDA 5379 Baylor History Project!

On this site you will find student projects examining topical higher education issues and how they appeared at Baylor University during select eras.  Authors are students in EDA 5379: Foundations and History of Higher Education, a required course for the PhD in Higher Education Studies and Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs degree programs.

The five themes of the course explored in each era are Finance, Curriculum, Students/Student Groups, Access, and Religion.  Groups of students are responsible for each sub-topic and each student authors an original article based on their analysis of data found at the Texas Collection, Baylor University’s archives.

Papers can be accessed through the era menus above, from 1900-1960. Below are quick links for the first four decades:

Baylor, 1900-1920

Baylor, 1921-1930

Baylor, 1931-1940

Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to leave questions or comments.

[photo: Burleson Quadrangle Used by permission of the Texas Collection at Baylor University]


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