Color Our Collections 2016!

color_our_collections_headerWe’re excited to be taking part in Color Our Collections 2016! The event start at the New York Academy of Medicine and this year tons of new institutions are joining in the fun by taking items from their collections, reformatting them as coloring pages, and encouraging users to upload their creations to social media using the hashtag #colorourcollections to share them with the world!

This year’s selections run the gamut: from images created for an 1877 oversized edition of the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Mark to items from the War of the Rebellion Atlas, the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project and more. Click below to download our coloring pages in a single PDF!

Baylor Color Our Collections Pages 2016

Pick your favorite image, give it your best colorization, and then upload to your social media channel of choice using the hashtags #colorourcollections and #baylordigitalcollections. We’ll keep a look out for the best works and post them right here and on our Facebook page.

UPDATE: We were totally remiss in not mentioning in the original post that this idea came to us from our good friend Beth at the Central Library! Thanks for locating the images from the Gospels book and for giving us the inspiration to participate this year!

Images from this year’s Color Our Collections book are drawn from the Central Library’s Special Collections, the Texas Collection, the Crouch Fine Arts Library, the Keston Digital Archive and the Baylor University Archives.


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