Giving Back Works of Art

As most of you know, my weekly column in the Waco Tribune-Herald came to an end last spring.  Over the summer, I began doing a short weekly show on our NPR station here in Waco that is basically a radio version of the column. Since then, I sporadically sent out the link via email, but never hit a rhythm in which I was doing it each week.  In the New Year, however, I’m returning to the practice that happily kept me in touch with so many of you throughout the years of my column.
Here’s this week’s show, asking whether big museums have any obligation to give pieces of art back to places they came from.  It seems perhaps that a growing number of politicians, at least, think such pieces should be returned.
Warm regards and Happy New Year.

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  1. Great to hear from you. I appreciate your work on delivering the arts to us in an enjoyable and useful form. You have been missed,

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