Spring OCI Week Updates

(I’ll have updates to this post throughout the week, so keep checking back) MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29TH 9:00am – We’re off and running with Spring OCI 2016.

Today is busiest day in terms of number of employers and interviews, but they continue Tuesday and Wednesday. Students remember to check in with Monica 10 minutes prior to the interview, and bring copies of your resume just in case the interviewer asks for one. Relax, be yourself, and confidently answer questions and engage in discussion. You’ll do great!

2:10pm – Nearly through with day one, and something keeps coming to my mind about interviewing that I wanted to share (if you were in my interview program last week you already heard this): you want to answer the question, “Why do you want to work here,” even if it isn’t a question that is directly asked. Many employers will ask this question, or a version of it. But regardless, you want to make it clear that you want the job, and why. A common mistake is to answer this in terms of geography and practice area, but not personalize it further to that particular employer. There are scores of litigation firms in Houston; why do you want to work at THIS ONE?!

4:55pm – As the day is winding down, I want to give you a note of encouragement. Multiple employers have gone out of their way to say what a great group of candidates you are. Specifically, they cite your confidence and preparedness for the interview. When they mention anything about why students might not get a callback interview or offer, it’s due to lack of fit, which is not something you can (or should) want to do anything about. We still have a few interviews going on and if there is more to say today I’ll update you. Otherwise we’ll be back in the morning. Get some rest!

TUESDAY, MARCH 1ST 10:43am – Great tip from an employer to start the day: treat EVERYONE at the firm with respect and kindness. First and foremost, it’s the right thing to do. But secondly, you never know how much an associate, paralegal, office manager, etc. can help or hurt your chances at getting the job. You should do everything you can to make sure anyone you come in contact with during an interview is supportive (or at least indifferent) to your candidacy.

5:52pm – More great feedback from employers today! One commented on how impressive it was that the candidate had found some of his work on PACER. Another mentioned how excellent the resumes were. One more day of interviews!

Connect with Daniel at Daniel_Hare@Baylor.edu and/or @BaylorLawDaniel on Twitter. Job of the Week: Each week I highlight a job in Symplicity you might be interested in but may have missed. This week’s job is: Associate with Kemp Smith(3L/Alumni, El Paso) Log in to Symplicity to view this job and apply.

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