\par Give Your Writing Sample The Attention It Deserves \par

Give Your Writing Sample The Attention It Deserves

It’s easy to do. You’ve perfected your resume, carefully drafted a cover letters specifically tailored to the employer, and now you’re ready to apply. However,\par ]]>\par
go into the main story page and listen to an employer below who left this message for one of our professors.\par \par Second, go back and look carefully at the professor’s comments to identify which section was your best work and should make up your sample. You should incorporate changes if they made suggestions on how you could improve the memo. Often students will read professor’s comments when they get back the memo, but never think about it again.\par \par Last, if the writing you’re pulling from was written with a co-author, be sure to only select and include that which you wrote. Employers can tell when there are multiple authors in the same sample, and it can get complicated trying to describe who wrote what. \par \par Writing samples are a critical piece of the application materials, and provide a great opportunity for you to stand out among the others. However they can also be a factor which harms your candidacy, if you don’t give them the attention they deserve.\par \par Connect with Daniel at Daniel_Hare@Baylor.edu and/or @BaylorLawDaniel on Twitter.\par \par Job of the Week: Each week I highlight a job in Symplicity you might be interested in but may have missed. This week's job is: 2L Summer Clerk at Fenley & Bate (2L, Lufkin) Log in to Symplicity to view this job and apply. \par ]]>\par

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