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Intermediate French 02 Fall 2008



Syllabus, schedule and location

Click here to view the syllabus. The course will be held on MWF 11:15AM – 12:05PM, in Old Main, Room 300.

Course materials

The Interaction package (7th edition by Susan and Ronald St. Onge). You can purchase it from the Bookstore. When searching online, look for the following booklist: Baylor > Baylor University > FALL 2008 > FRE > 2310 > 02

French in Action episodes (starting with lesson 14) can be viewed at the Language Acquisition Center, located in Draper Hall 300.

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Pour en savoir plus sur…

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Interaction Companion Website

Le commerce et la consommation

Modes de vie

La vie des jeunes

Les télécommunications

La presse et le message
Journaux et magazines



Quelques points de grammaire

Dictionnaire en ligne