About Us

Meet your Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Ambassadors!

Meet Kate Rojales!  Kate is a senior chemistry major with minors in Great Texts and Religion.  She is also in the Honors Program, writing her thesis on the theological images of the good life conveyed in a university research lab.  She plans on attending graduate school in chemistry and hopes to be a professor herself one day.  Being an undergraduate researcher in the Martin Research Group, Kate’s favorite molecule is the 9-borataphenanthrene anion (a boron analogue of phenanthrene).  Outside of lab, she likes to read, hike, and find new places to eat in Waco.  She is also highly involved in the Honors Residential College.  Kate loves the Baylor community because “Baylor has such a relational culture, and people are very intentional in how they invest in others, from professors with students, graduate students to undergraduates, and upperclassmen with freshmen.”


Next is Sri Pulipaka!  Sri is a senior biochemistry major on the premed track minoring in Sociology.  As a student in the Honors Program, his thesis is evaluating animal assisted therapy as a means to address unmet mental health needs in elementary school students in Waco.  In addition to his classes, Sri is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta (prehealth honor society) and volunteers in Waco ISD and the Family Health Center.  He also loves to play ping pong and basketball at the SLC and watch documentaries with his friends.  His favorite molecule is water-one of the most essential to life.  Sri says that he loves Baylor for all the friendships has has made in his classes here!


Our third ambassador is Kayla Evans!  Kayla is a junior biochemistry major on the premed track.  She is also minoring in Biology and pursuing the Certificate in Spanish for Healthcare Professions.  Outside of school, she serves as a Lab Assistant for Genetics Lab, volunteers at Mission Waco, and is an avid member of the American Medical Women’s Association at Baylor.  As a coffee lover, Kayla’s favorite molecule is caffeine, and her favorite Waco coffee shop is Magnolia Press.  Kayla says that, “Baylor is a family.  The faculty, staff, and students create such a welcoming atmosphere where everyone truly cares for one another.  A new friend is always just around the corner.”