Another Remarkable Year in Baylor Athletics

What a great day to be a Baylor Bear!  Once again, the Baylor family was blessed with another year of exciting athletic success.  Congratulations to Coach Dave Aranda and Baylor Football for capturing the 2021 Big 12 Conference Championship with the thrilling win over Oklahoma State. Also, congratulations to Coach Scott Drew and the Bears for claiming the #1 spot in college men’s basketball and Coach Nicki Collen and (#5) Baylor Women’s Basketball for extending their wins and showing early championship form this season. If that is not enough to light your fire, then consider the success of Baylor Volleyball and Coach Ryan McGuyre, earning another trip to the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament.  Winning is contagious and it is spreading like wildfire at Baylor.

Likewise, we are pleased to report substantial progress in the “B” Association in 2021. Following setbacks from a year ago, the association has experienced increases in membership, financial contributions, attendance at letterwinners events, and social media engagements. This type of bounce back would not have been possible without your belief in us.  Thank you for your loyal support, patience, and commitment.  Remember, your involvement keeps our association strong, and it makes a significant difference in the lives of current student-athletes who are our future members.

As we look forward to 2022, the following officers and directors were approved at the general membership meeting that was held on December 2nd.  These leaders will begin serving their terms on January 1, 2022.


New DirectorsDr. Marty Crawford (baseball), Mr. Chris Dull (football), Mr. Steven Lang (track), Ms. Alice Melendez (basketball), Mr. Don Trull (football), and Mrs. Carol Wolfe (volleyball).

Current Directors (with remaining terms): Mr. Ken Cooper (football), Mrs. Angelique Cunningham (track). Mr. Nick Florence (football), Mr. Tim Jackson (baseball), Mr. Zona Jones (football), Mr. Donnie Laurence, Jr. (football), Mr. King McClure (men’s basketball), Mr. Alonzo Pierce (football), Mrs. Katie Smith (volleyball), Mrs. Jordan Oestreich (softball).

Officers: President- Mr. Randy Martin (trainer/manager), President-Elect- Mr. Jon Topolski (baseball),

Vice President- Mr. Mike Sims (trainer/manager), Treasurer- Mr. Phil Duren (track), Past President- Mr. Cody Carlson (football), Executive Vice President Emeritus – Mr. Dusty Sanderson (trainer/manager), and Regent Representative – Mrs. Faith Beaty (basketball).

I hope you will join us in thanking 2021 President Cody Carlson for his leadership over the past year. Cody’s term as president culminates into six years of dedicated service to the “B” Association, including his service as a board director and an officer on the executive committee. We are very fortunate to have Cody with us another year, as he assumes his new role as Past President in 2022.

Also, we express our sincere gratitude to the officers/directors who will complete their terms on the board at the end of the year:  Directors Mrs. Beth Casteel, (volleyball), Ms. Elisha Polk (volleyball), Dr. Kyle Smith (trainer/manager), Mr. Doug McNamee (trainer/manager), *Mr. Mike Sims (trainer/manager), and Past President Mr. Michael Johnson (football). We are a better association today due to their talent and dedicated leadership. *(Mike Sims will vacate his position as director, but he will continue serving the association as Vice President, beginning January 1, 2022.)

Finally, my staff and I look forward to working together with you again as we face new challenges AND opportunities that await us in 2022.  May the divine light of Christ shine in all your lives this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Walter Abercrombie

Executive Director

Baylor “B” Association


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