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Not from Texas? Not a problem!

—[Relocating to Join Baylor’s Full-Time MBA]—

The Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation is home for Baylor’s Full-time MBA.  And as you may or may not know, Baylor’s main campus is found in none other than Waco, Texas. Being a town of about 135,00 located “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” most wouldn’t consider Waco to be a big city; certainly not like Austin or Houston. And while the area is experiencing growth, it’s not part of an overly expansive metropolitan area like Dallas/Fort Worth.

So how do our students who aren’t from Texas find themselves moving to Waco?  Two of our MBA students share some insight into what brought them here as well as their experience living in Waco up to this point.  Matt Kudrna is from Missouri and finds himself in his second semester of the MBA program. Lyndsey Davis hails from Alabama and is also wrapping up her second semester of the MBA/MSIS joint degree program.  Let’s hear what they have to say!

What made you want to come to Waco, Texas out of all places?

MK- The other schools I applied to were all in large cities, which was not all that appealing to me. Waco is a smaller city. Baylor also has this sense of closeness and family that will allow anyone to feel welcome.

LD- Baylor, of course! When looking for a graduate program, I knew I wanted the feel of a smaller town with a large, reputable university that still cared about the students, and Baylor was the perfect fit. I was so excited about attending Baylor for the dual MBA/MSIS program, that I made the official decision to attend without even visiting campus or Waco. I actually had not been to Texas before either. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed in my decision once I got here!

What has been your favorite part of Texas so far?

MK- I think the weather has been the best part, one hundred percent. I’m used to snow and ice; the whole nine yards. This still happens here, but not as often.  Big fan of warm sunshine, too!

LD- I really enjoy how close Waco is to Dallas and Austin. It is great for taking a day trip on the weekend and just getting to visit a bigger city for a change of pace. It also makes it convenient for traveling home having the airports nearby.

It has been such a great opportunity personally, as well as professionally, by moving to Waco and attending Baylor.

What has been your favorite part of Waco?

MK- This might sound crazy, but free parking.  For those who live in larger cities and metropolitan areas, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

LD- Waco has so many great food options – especially food trucks! There are so many options for whatever mood you are in. One of my favorite things in Waco is the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays. It is always so fun to go with friends because of the variety of food vendors and other sellers like produce, flowers, and hand-crafted goods. There are also so many great coffee shops and hangouts to meet with friends and/or study.

What would you have wanted to know before moving down here?

MK- How to avoid road construction. With all of the work happening on Interstate 35, it gets pretty confusing which streets are open and which are closed.  Also, for those who are moving with their family, buy property instead of renting if you are able. Renting in Waco has turned out to be troublesome at times.

LD- Whether you are coming straight from college or have been working for a few years, it is an adjustment attending grad school; especially when in a new state. I knew I would have to adjust because I had never lived this far from home before. However, I did not realize that adjusting-at least for me-wouldn’t set in for a few weeks because of the initial excitement of moving, orientation, and starting classes. But luckily at that point, I was already adjusted to classes and had made friends which made that “homesick” feeling better.

Any other advice for those looking to move to Texas?

MK- If you are moving from a colder state, don’t throw away your winter clothes. You’ll only need them for about a week, but you’ll regret disposing of them.  We had to learn that the hard way with all of the snow we have gotten this past winter.

LD- Do it! Don’t let the uncertainty of moving out of state deter you from trying it. Moving out of state has allowed me to grow so much as a person and learn new things about myself. It has been such a great opportunity personally, as well as professionally, by moving to Waco and attending Baylor.

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