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Waco, TX 76798-7344

Phone Number: (254) 710-3361

Fax Number: (254) 710-1628

Office of the Dean
Burleson 202
(254) 710-3362

  • Dr. Lee Nordt, Dean
  • Dr. Brian Raines, Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Planning
  • Lynnette Geary, Assistant to the Dean
  • Lori Hoke, Administrative Manager

Associate Deans
Burleson Suite 201
(254) 710-3733

  • Dr. Kimberly R. Kellison, Associate Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkins, Associate Dean for Sciences
  • Suzie Anderson, Assistant to the Associate Deans

Office of Undergraduate Studies
Burleson Suite 105
(254) 710-3361

  • Dr. Frieda Blackwell, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Humanities
  • Dr. Blake Burleson, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Strategic and Enrollment Initiatives
  • Prof. Carrolle Kamperman, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Student Success Management
  • Carol McCulloch, Undergraduate Studies Office Coordinator
  • Jaime Basher, Assistant to Associate Deans

Enrollment Management
Burleson Suite 105
(254) 710-6608

  • Dr. Lynn Wisely, Director of Undergraduate Enrollment Initiatives

Degree Certification
Burleson Suite 105
(254) 710-2200

  • Lauren Muhl, Director of Degree Certification and Curriculum Management

Office of Engaged Learning
Draper 244
(254) 710-3231

  • Dr. Andrew Hogue, Associate Dean of Engaged Learning
  • Dr. Daniel Benyousky, Director of Major Fellowship and Awards
  • Dr. Riz Klausmeyer, Director of Undergraduate Research
  • Dr. Tamarah Adair, Co-director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA)
  • Dr. Nathan Elkins, Co-director of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA)
  • Amanda Nowlin, Assistant to Associate Dean

Office of the Core
Burleson 207.02
(254) 710-7846

  • Dr. Lauren Poor, Director of the Core

Office of Interdisciplinary Studies
Burleson 207.04
(254) 710-3196

  • Dr. Paul Martens, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

Budget and Finance
Burleson Suite 201

  • Gary Carter, Senior Financial Manager — Fiscal Planning and Operations, (254) 710-1429
  • Julie Stahl, Senior Financial Manager — Staffing Administration, (254) 710-4395
  • Britt Smith, Budget Services Manager, (254) 710-8785
  • Vasana Tibbs, Post-Award Grants Manager, (254) 710-3177

Information Analysis and Planning
Burleson 207.12
(254) 710-4814

  • Dr. Viola Osborn, Director of Information Analysis and Planning

Burleson Hall Suite 201
(254) 710-3102

  • Wes Johnson, Director of the Technology Center
  • Jim Hare, Senior Academic Consultant
  • Stephen Rylander, Senior Academic Consultant
  • Nolan Skains, Senior Academic Consultant

Burleson Suite 207
(254) 710-6036

  • Kelli Edmond, Managing Director of Development
  • Kristyn Miller, Assistant Director of Development
  • Jan Holmes, Development Coordinator

Marketing and Communications
Burleson 207.08
(254) 710-3145

  • Randy Fiedler, Director of Marketing and Communications

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  1. Judi Muller at |

    Please remove our name from your mailing list. Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Muller, 9240 So. 32nd Street, Lincoln, NE. 68516-1759

    Thank you.

  2. Christy Miller at |

    Saw your post today. You should also write about this other veteran/Baylor grad.

  3. Artie Doss at |

    I’ve been researching my husband’s family history and find that his aunt, Leona Doss, was a graduate of “Baylor College” in 1920. It may interest you to know that Leona became a respected teacher in Austin, Texas where she taught at Matthews Elementary, Rosedale Elementary and Peace Elementary from 1926 until her death in 1967. She also wrote several children’s books, mostly emphasizing grammar and language arts for young students. She became known among her teaching peers as something of an artist, as several of her paintings were hung in the library of Leona Doss Elementary School, named in her honor in 1969 by the Austin Independent School District. My interest in contacting you about Leona is to inquire if there is any information available to me about her experience at Baylor College? She passed away in 1967, before I came into the Doss family and I am impressed with her teaching and individual qualities as a member of our family.


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