Baylor alumna has been accepted into a prestigious study program in Paris

By Randy Fiedler

Baylor alumna Sarah Carr has been accepted into a prestigious graduate study program at Sorbonne University in Paris.

Carr, who earned a BA in French and Spanish from Baylor in 2019, first studied in Paris in the fall of 2018 while she was an undergraduate. She will now pursue a Master of Arts degree in French literature at the Sorbonne.

“When I was accepted into this program, I felt giddy at the idea of going back to France,” Carr said. “Spending 10 months in Paris to study literature is nothing short of a dream, and I’m deeply grateful and excited to realize this dream now. To study French literature is to interact with French history, philosophy and culture all at once, and integrating an interdisciplinary approach into my studies is not only satisfying for a curious intellect, it also provides a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the literary heritage in France. With a history older than our own country, there is much to discover.”

Dr. Cristian Bratu, the associate chair of Modern Languages and Cultures at Baylor and the director of the French and Italian division, said Carr’s acceptance into the Sorbonne’s graduate program is a significant achievement.

“Sarah has been accepted into a competitive program at one of the best and most prestigious universities in France and the world,” Bratu said. “We are so proud of her. Her passion for languages has instilled an intense desire in her to study abroad.”

Carr said that after she earns her Sorbonne degree, she intends to continue her language studies.

“My goal upon graduation is to begin applying for my PhD in Romance languages,” she said. “In 10 years, I see myself as a university professor, sharing my passion for learning and languages with my students.”


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  1. Joy Lee at |

    Go Sarah!!! I already knew you were extraordinarily talented with learning languages and am so glad that the world is recognizing you for it. I am so proud of you.


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