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  1. michael magers at |

    The book makes for very interesting reading. Thank you for the time and effort you invested, Charles.

  2. Nancy Calhoun Brock at |

    I have not read your book but have great interest in the comment about editorial notes regarding Dr. President Brooks defending his faculty who were advocating for evolution. I have the privilege of recently acquiring the letters ,1927-1931, that my mother, a Botany major, wrote to her family as a Baylor student. I have been told but not yet found in the letters the discussion between daughter and her West Texas pastor father about Darwin and evolution.
    My grandfather is said to have confidently assured his daughter Hilda E Marsh that God could work through any framework. Grandad, SFMarsh, had had the privilege of higher education and knew the challenge and opportunity of exposure to and examination of
    a variety of points of view.
    Nancy Calhoun Brock BU 1963

    1. charles Francis Guittard at |

      Thank you Nancy! Randy Fiedler sent me this and I will respond by email. Charles


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