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Dr. Joshua King: “Tennyson’s ‘Christian Year’: The Minimum of Faith and National Spiritual Community”

February 8th Dr. Joshua King  (English, Baylor) will present“Tennyson’s ‘Christian Year’: The Minimum of Faith & National Spiritual Community.” This talk will share the results of his research leave in fall 2012 to work on his book, Imagined Spiritual Communities in Britain’s Age of Print.…

Dr. Ralph Wood: “Chesterton and Newman”

March 1st Dr. Ralph Wood  (Religion, Baylor) will present “Chesterton and Newman.” 

Dr. Mark Knight: “A Tale of Two Cities: Dickens’s Tale of Conversion”

April 19th Dr. Mark Knight  (English, University of Toronto) will present “A Tale of Two Cities: Dickens’s Tale of Conversion.” 

Baylor Graduate Student Panel Spring 2013: Rex Carr and Jeremy Leatham

April 26th Baylor Doctoral students Rex Carr (Political Science) and Jeremy Leatham (English) will present in this semester’s Graduate Student Panel. Rex Carr will present “Overcoming the Past: Nietzsche’s Creator and the Contributions of Christianity.” This talk explores how Nietzsche’s vision of the future and the…