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Dr. Natalie Houston: “The Visual Page: Digital Reading and Victorian Poetry’s Cultural Codes”

October 12th Dr. Natalie Houston (English, University of Houston), Project Director for the Visual Page, an NEH-funded project to develop a software application to identify and analyze visual features in digitized printed books and Co-Director and Technical Director for the Periodical Poetry Index,…

Dr. Catherine Hobbs: “American Women Learn to Speak”

Dr. Catherine Hobbs, professor of English at the University of Oklahoma, is discussing her forthcoming book Sisters of the South: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Citizenship at Public Women’s Colleges.  We invite you to join us as we welcome Dr. Hobbs. Below is a…

Dr. Lisa Shaver “Thou Shalt Not: Forging a Women’s Rhetoric”

Dr. Lisa Shaver (English, Baylor) will present “Thou Shalt Not: Forging a Women’s Rhetoric.” This talk examines the rhetorical tactics used by the antebellum American Female Reform Society. Established in 1834 in New York to combat prostitution and other licentious behavior, the American Female…