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Archive of posts published in the tag: Correspondence

Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive Edited by Ed Folsom and Kenneth M. Price and published by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Walt Whitman Archive is dedicated to making America’s most influential poet Walt Whitman’s vast work accessible…

Virginia Military Institute Civil War Archive

Virginia Military Institute Civil War Archive This site hosted by the Preston Library at the Virginia Military Institute presents an archive of more than 500 manuscript collections of letters, diaries, and other personal papers including the papers of Stonewall Jackson and Matthew Fontaine…

Mark Twain Papers and Project

The Mark Twain Papers and Project University of California Berkley’s Bancroft Library holds a large collection of Twain’s papers, including letters, notes, and manuscripts. This site provides access to his transcribed and annotated letters, both incoming and outgoing.

Letters of Matthew Arnold

The Letters of Matthew Arnold Hosted by the University of Virginia, this site provides a searchable database of over 4,000 letters from preeminent Victorian poet/critic Matthew Arnold. It also includes a linked index and complete chronological listing of the letters.

Letters of Christina Rossetti

The Letters of Christina Rossetti Hosted by the University of Virginia, this is a digital edition of the four-volume print edition The Letters of Christina Rossetti, edited by Antony H. Harrison. The 2124 digitally transcribed letters can be read chronologically or searched by…

Harriet Jacobs: Selected Writings and Correspondence

Harriet Jacobs: Selected Writings and Correspondence: Hosted by Yale University’s Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition, this site provides transcriptions of selected letters and documents from Jacobs’s life as well as a list of additional resources.

Emily Dickinson Museum

Emily Dickinson Museum  This is the official website for the Emily Dickinson Museum and homestead. This site provides an online collection of Emily Dickinson’s letters and drafts of her poetry. It also includes pictures of her community and the home where she spent so…

Emily Dickinson Collection

Emily Dickinson Collection: The Emily Dickinson Collection is housed at Harvard’s Houghton Library and preserves more than a thousand autograph poems and 300 letters. This site provides digital copies of Dickinson’s poetry and links to other libraries housing her manuscripts.

Darwin Correspondence Project

Darwin Correspondence Project: This site provides complete transcriptions of all Charles Darwin’s known correspondence up to 1869. The letters are arranged thematically, but are also searchable based on key words and dates. The site provides guides for using the archive for various courses,…