BU Digital Collections Curator Named DPLA Community Representative

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) homepage
The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) homepage

We are excited to announce that Eric Ames, our Curator of Digital Collections, has been named to the second class of community representatives for the Digital Public Library of America! The DPLA announced the appointments on their blog today. Eric joins five other CR’s in the state of Texas and 200 others across the country as frontline representatives for the work being done by the DPLA.

The announcement was posted to the DPLA’s blog this morning, and we’re happy to pass along the word. You can find an interactive map listing all 200 CR’s by location on the DPLA site as well.

Eric Ames was appointed a community representative for DPLA on May 15, 2014.
Eric Ames was appointed a community representative for DPLA on May 15, 2014.


About the DPLA

The goal of the DPLA is to bring “different viewpoints, experiences, and collections together in a single platform and portal, providing open and coherent access to our society‚Äôs digitized cultural heritage.” Building on work done by groups like the Library of Congress, HathiTrust, and the Internet Archive, the DPLA works to bring the growing number of digital collections around the country into a single, unified search platform. Imagine being able to find thousands of results for a single word search – like Waco, for instance – drawn from multiple sources around the country, all in one place. That’s the power of the DPLA.

We’re still exploring all the ways which Baylor – and our own impressive Digital Collections – can help further the work of the DPLA. For now, we’re excited to see how Eric’s work as a CR will expose the DPLA’s work (and Baylor’s own materials) to the world.

Learn more about the DPLA at their website – http://dp.la.

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  1. William Weaver says:

    Congrats, Eric!

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