World War II Propaganda Posters


On this page are various examples of propaganda posters from World War II. When evaluating these posters please pay attention to the central figures of each poster, key text, and colors. Evaluate each of these elements carefully so you can come to understand how the posters are attempting to sway their 1940s American audience.


War Bond Poster One:

War Bond Poster One

1. Describe what is happening in this poster.

2. How does this poster evoke an emotional response?

3. Do you believe this poster would persuade American citizens to buy War Bonds? Why or why not?


War Bond Poster Two:

War Bond Poster Two1. How does this War Bond poster differ from the first poster?

2. How does this poster portray the Japanese?

3. How does this poster portray American women?

4. Do you think this poster is more persuasive in influencing the American audience than the first War Bond Poster? Explain.



Tokio Kid Propaganda Poster:

Tokio Kid

1. Who is being depicted in this poster?

2. Identify a few examples of racism being used in this poster.

3. Should racism be used in a time of war? Why or Why not?

Rosie the Riveter: 



1. Who is the central character of this propaganda poster?

2. How are women being portrayed in this poster?

3. What are some benefits to women joining the workforce during World War II?

Defend American Freedom Propaganda Poster:

Defend American Freedom


1.How is this poster depicting African Americans?

2. What does this poster mean by “It’s Everybody’s Job”?

3. Is the poster trying to persuade “everybody,” or does the artist have a more specific audience in mind?

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