Women in the workforce

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1. What was the reason for why women began to take jobs in the workforce?

2. Why would women taking jobs in the workplace change the social structure?

3. What are some of the social implications of women establishing their role in the work force?

4. Do you think that this social change helped women to establish themselves as able to succeed? Why?


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1. The house is calling out to the women. What does this imply about time after the war?

2. Describe the appearance of the woman. How is this the same or different than the representation of women in the 1950s? Give three reasons to support your opinion.

3. What did the changing role of women mean to men of the time?

4. Is fear of and resistance to this change simply a reflection of sexism, or is it somehow more complex, and therefore more understandable?


1. What are the main colors that are used in the image on the left?

2. What symbols or pictures do you see in the left picture?

3. How does the picture on the right differ from the one on the left? Give THREE examples.

4. How do you think this encouraged women to be involved in the workforce?

5. Why would this cartoon signify strength and intelligence? Do you think the author did this on purpose?