Performance Task

Performance Task


1. Gallery Walk

The students will be divided up into groups of 4-5, depending on class size.

The groups will complete a gallery walk around the classroom analyzing each poster displayed amongst the classroom walls.  Each student will be responsible for answering the questions below each image. Students will work inside their groups to build on overarching themes and concepts. The groups will have 45 minutes in class to complete the assignment.

In the final 5-10 minutes, the class will come together to have a short class discussion.


2. Poster Presentations

The students could be split into groups of 4-5. Each group would be assigned one of the three categories. (Women in the workplace, social implications in the war, or political changes) The groups will answer the questions that pertain to their category. On a poster, each group will create their own image of how women looked at this time. They would also provide important words that describe women and their current surroundings. (Like a word wall or wordle)

Students would have a little over one-class period to work on this task. (65 minutes)

Every group would then present their projects to the class. (30 min) Each group would be allotted 5 minutes to present.


3. Pre-AP Advanced Level Course Essay Topic

The teacher will have a class discussion showing various images over the changing roles of women using the images provided on the website. After having the class discussion and answering some the question covering the various images, the students could would be responsible for writing a essay over the overarching question for this unit of discussion.

“To what extent did women help change the views people had of them politically and socially over time?”

Students would be allowed one 55-minute class period to begin writing an introduction and first body paragraphs over this question. The Pre-AP students would be expected to include a good thesis statement that would outline their essay, and use proper grammar throughout.