Breaking Social Norms

1. What are the main symbols or pictures that you see in this?

2. What are the main colors that are used?

3. Socially this places men in the highest regards. How does that affect women at this time?

4. Do you think women saw this propaganda as an insult to them and their abilities? Why?

5. How does this reflect the culture at the time? Specifically, in regards to male dominance, and the inequity between men and women.

1. What are some differences between the two women in the foreground of this cartoon?

2. Why would these two women be pictured in these different roles?

3. Consider difference between the reality of many women’s lives and the ideal they sought to reflect. What are the causes and consequences of such a disconnect?

4. Do such disconnects exist for other groups and at other historical times?

1. This cartoon states that “they serve”. What do you think that means?

2. What were the roles of women during World War II?

3. By working during the War, women were able to begin to change their place. How does this cartoon demonstrate that? Give THREE examples.

4. Did working and service during WWII lead to substantial change, or did it reflect change that was already coming?