To what extent has the political and social landscape of the past century impacted women and their roles in society?


The roles of women have continually changed over the past century. This website aims to provide an abridged version of their developing roles in politics, their social positions during wartime, and their introduction into the American workforce. Hardworking women have been the backbone of this great country. Textbooks give a limited account of aspects of history and frequently skim over women’s struggles and endeavors, romanticizing the female fight. Their sacrifices and victories are too often taken for granted today when a great deal of equality has been achieved. Within these pages, we aim to educate, inspire, and encourage the acquisition of knowledge.


We have divided the information into three distinct though connected sections: the roles of women during wartime, in politics, and in the workforce. The first section covers the 19th Amendment to the Constitution where the fight for gender equality began. Before World War I, suffragettes picketed on the White House steps, passed out pamphlets, walked in parades, and subsequently suffered horrendous treatment including hundreds of wrongful arrests. The second section describes social progress made towards gender equality during wartime. Social influence led to general pressure for changes in government legislation and job opportunities. Legislative bodies passed laws during this time that have influenced our nation to this present day, including the active role of women during the war and other times of crisis. The third section chronicles women in the workforce, especially in the absence of men during war. Throughout all three samples of history, we see a tradition of male supremacy. However, the diligence and dreams of a handful of female pioneers made our world a reality today.