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John 20:19-31

This text is used for the Lectionary Year C on April 3, 2016.

Hermano Leon Clipart
Hermano Leon Clipart

In a number of ways, this text serves as the pinnacle of John’s gospel.  Themes which run like threads through the fabric of the gospel find their culmination in this text.  If one views chapter 21 as the epilogue of the gospel, then this text serves as the conclusion to the core narrative.  Its location in the narrative and its theological density demand that the preacher interpret this text against the overarching Johannine narrative.

The disciples were huddled behind closed doors.  At this point in the story, they are no longer hiding from the horrors of crucifixion but the wonders of resurrection.  The preacher might want to pause and illustrate ways in which resurrection upsets the status quo as much as crucifixion does.  The resurrection says, “The world doesn’t work the way you’ve always thought it worked.”  Many find it easier to huddle up and retain whatever normality remains rather than live into the subversion of resurrection.  However, in this text, Jesus sends his followers out rather than blessing their huddle.  Followers of Jesus cannot stay in our huddles, largely because he did not stay in his tomb.

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