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Luke 17:11-19

This text is used for the Lectionary Year C on October 9nd, 2016.

James Tissot“Seeing is believing.”  This phrase sounds rather contrary to the whole idea of Christian faith, doesn’t it?  Actually, earlier on in Luke, Jesus talks about the generation seeking a sign and categorizes them as “wicked.”  But this passage seems to have its center based upon this action of “seeing,” maybe even alluding to the idea that this is the most important action taking place in this story.

At the beginning of this passage, we encounter Jesus on the way to Jerusalem when he encounters a group of lepers calling out his name.  From the start, Jesus establishes himself as a curious character to a 21st-century reader because I cannot think of many road trips I have been on where I was willing to stop and attend care to someone calling out and asking me to help fix something of theirs.  If it was a single person and seemed to be stranded, I might be a little more sympathetic; but, seeing as there are 10 of them I can at least feel better about myself because they have each other for company.

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