•  7:15 pm— Opening – RoadRunner
  •  7:30 pm— Activity – Instruction – Navigation without a compass – Instructors, Andrew & James Cole, Crew Buchanan, Zach Lancaster
  • Patrol Time – Sign in
  • Interpatrol Activity – Game – Freeze Tag
  • 8:30 pm— Closing – Beaver (clean-up)

Upcoming Campouts (2013):

  • October 18-20: Enchanted Rock – Rock Climbing
  • November 15-17: Eastland Lakes – Planning Campout
  • December 13-14: Boulders Killeen – Climbing

General Info/ Upcoming Events (2013/2014):

Attention all Merit Badge Counselors!

We need merit badge counselors that would be willing to offer a badge on a weekend or through a series of Monday night meetings to please do so. There are a lot of scouts wanting to do some of these badges and this would help them get them done. Counselors please contact Drew Cole if you are interested.

Summer Camp 2014 will be at Camp Hale Oklahoma. The planning stage has already began and we will be taking sign-ups soon. The dates for camp are planned for June 22nd thru June 28th 2014. I’ve included a link below so that anyone interested can review the information.

That’s all for now folks,

YIS-Drew Cole



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