Spending a Summer with THI

This summer, the Texas Hunger Initiative – Waco Regional Office has two Baylor students serving as No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassadors. Keyanna Taylor and Steven Kuipers are providing support for and increasing participation in the Summer Food Service Program in Waco. They have really hit the ground running and are providing tons of creative energy […]

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Back to School, Back to Breakfast

There’s a reason the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has been drilled into our heads. If you miss breakfast, chances are your entire day is thrown off-course—you’re hungry long before it’s time for lunch, meaning you have difficulty focusing on work. You might overeat at lunch or throughout the day […]

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Hunger in Texas Trip: 6 Students Served in West Texas Over Spring Break

After reflecting on the national scale of the Hunger in America Trip that the Texas Hunger Initiative (THI) takes in May, Field Director Jared Gould, Director of Programs Doug McDurham and No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager Grace Norman decided that they wanted Baylor students to experience and understand hunger and poverty that exists in their […]

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Let’s Make Breakfast the Norm

Written by: Craig Nash, Child Hunger Outreach Specialist, Texas Hunger Initiative – Waco Regional Office By the time buses arrive at La Vega Elementary School to deliver their precious cargo to teachers and administrators for the day, Melissa McGough and her Child Nutrition Team have been busy for almost two hours preparing to meet the […]

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