THI in Houston | Children at Risk

Two of our VISTA’s traveled down to Houston this past week as co-sponsors to the “Ending Child Food Insecurity” Luncheon on Wednesday March 7th at the Houston Food Bank.

Kick-starting the event were presentations given by Dr. Bob Sanborn, President and CEO of Children at Risk as well as Brian Greene, the President/CEO of the Houston Food Bank. Later on we had Dr. Claire Bocchini the President of Doctors for Change and Brian Giles a Senior Administrator for HISD food services.

Dr. Claire Bocchini also emphasized the importance of physical education in the school districts. Many teachers and parents complain that increasing the amount of time students spend exercising takes away time from the classroom. however Dr. Bocchini explained that studies have shown that children that exercise 30 minutes to an hour each day will be more attentive and focused in class.

Concluding the luncheon was Representative Carol Alvarado of District 145.

The purpose of this luncheon was addressing a key issue of Child Food Insecurity in Houston. It is important to realize that Food Banks are the last resort when it comes to providing aid towards children facing hunger. They are the last possible safety net when no other options are available. They merely provide aid and assistance to those facing hunger and provide a temporary solution to an on-going problem. This luncheon stressed the importance of SNAP outreach in the communities and providing more meals during the school day to prevent children from facing hunger at home or on the weekends.

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