Texas Is Wherever Texans Are – Even When It Comes To Blogs

WACO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TRADE TRIP – Men of the Waco Chamber of Commerce pose on top of a locomotive of the St. Louis and Southwestern Railroad on April 6, 1931.

Since at least 2010 – and for more than 400 posts – this blog has documented the tales and treasures of The Texas Collection. From materials in our archival collections to stories about Baylor, Texas, and the world, we’ve documented the Lone Star State backward, forward, and every which way in between.

Now, after 13 years as a standalone blog, we are excited to announce that we will be joining our Baylor Libraries special collections colleagues at the Promoting Discovery blog. Starting with our next post, all of our stories will be posted exclusively to PD, which you can find at blogs.baylor.edu/baylorlibraries.

But don’t you fret! We’ll keep this space open as an outpost on the digital prairie, a virtual archive of our previous work that you can still peruse all the way back to its roots. (We’ll also be importing these posts into Promoting Discovery, giving it a very welcome injection of Texana.)

Some of you may ask why we’re making this move? It’s simple: when the Libraries maintain multiple blogs, the majority of folks who see those posts are only interested in that topic. But when we post a variety of stories, sources, and subjects in one place, we stand a much better chance of catching new audiences: people who may have come for Texana but stayed for Browningiana, or folks who want to learn about digital collections and became interested in American popular sheet music.

In short, we’re moving because it makes the most sense for a single, active, impactful blog to represent the libraries rather than several sporadically-updated, niche blogs. It’s a better way to serve our patrons, and we are happy to join the other Libraries accounts that have moved into Promoting Discovery already.

So don’t be sad that we’ve picked up stakes for new pastures – be happy we’ve ridden so many fine trails together. And remember: wherever a Texan chooses to put down their roots, a little piece of Texas is planted right there with them.

See y’all over at Promoting Discovery. And thanks for the memories, pardners.

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