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The Bankhead Highway from Roswell to Fort Worth and Dallas, circa 1926-1936

From the Automobile Club of Southern California, this set of maps shows the Bankhead Highway from Roswell, New Mexico to Fort Worth and Dallas. The maps are broken into segments and  denotes various travel stops such as hotels, gas stations, and garages.


Tauola dell’isole nuoue, le quali son nominate occidentali, & indiane per diuersi rispetto, 1558

A 1558 copy of the 1540 wood cut by Sebastian Münster. This map is the 8th state and depicts Magellan’s ship as well as the Spanish flag over the Caribbean and the Portuguese flag near the coast of Brazil. Additionally, it was one of the earliest maps to identify Japan (“Zipangri”).



Finding AIDS


  • BU Records: Baylor Religious Hour Choir BU/311
    • The BU Records: Baylor Religious Hour Choir contains correspondence, programs, and audio recordings of the Baylor Religious Hour Choir. The choir is a student-led religious choir that is known for their singing at Baylor campus events, local area churches, and international mission trips.
  • BU Records: Continuing Education BU/356
    • BU Records: Continuing Education contains a wide variety of documents related to the operation of Baylor Continuing Education program from the late 1970s up to 2005, including correspondence, memos, annual reports, course materials, grant and scholarship applications, financial documents, and other administrative files.
  • BU Records: First Families of Baylor Award BU/222
    • The BU Records: First Families of Baylor Club includes minutes, correspondence, membership lists, and other materials. The club was a student organization that Baylor students could join if they had a previous relative attend Baylor.
  • BU Records: Native American Student Association BU/410
    • The Native American Student Association records contain correspondence, contracts, membership records, financial documents, publicity, and a grant proposal related to the activities of the student group.
  • BU Records: Retired Professors and Administrators Program BU/312
    • BU Records: Retired Professors and Administrators Program contains correspondence, faculty information and obituaries, newsletters, and other materials from the program’s efforts to connect, engage, and honor the legacy of retired faculty and administrators.
  • Normand Louis LaRoche papers #643
    • The Normand Louis LaRoche papers contain a variety of documents and materials related to LaRoche’s experiences serving in the United States Army during World War II, including his time overseeing prisoners of war in Camp Milam, Texas, and serving in the military police in Europe.
  • J.C. McGary papers #377
    • The J.C. McGary papers include one transcribed letter that McGary wrote as a soldier in the American Civil War.
  • Waco Civic Theatre #2231
    • The Waco Civic Theatre records document business operations and performances of the community volunteer theatre group from 1931-2020. Notable documents include minutes, programs, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, and correspondence.
  • [Waco] Hamilton House Records #3048
    • The [Waco] Hamilton House records document the history and use of the house as a place for women’s clubs to meet and operate in Waco, Texas. Some clubs include the American Association of University Women, the Baylor Round Table, and Altrusa of Waco. Clippings, meeting minutes, membership lists, notes, cookbooks, newsletters, brochures, yearbooks, and financial documents are included.
  • Washington County Tennant Farm ledgers #3971
    • The Washington County Tenant Farm ledgers contain small bound ledger books kept by Washington County landowners.



  • American Association of University Women, Waco Branch records # 232
    • The American Association of University Women Waco Branch records contain correspondence, membership listings, yearbooks, by-laws, and publications for local, state, and national levels. Branch projects and scrapbooks are also included.
  • [Waco] Austin Avenue Methodist Church records #2912
    • The [Waco] Austin Avenue Methodist Church records document a limited history of the church from 1900 to 1970. Charter membership lists, baptism records, minutes, and yearbooks are present, in addition to other materials.
  • Belton Brick Manufacturing Company records #1520
    • The Belton Brick Manufacturing Company records document the company from incorporation in 1883 until 1889. The collection includes stock certificates, legal documents, company minutes, and financial ledgers and daybooks.
  • [Waco] Brookview Neighborhood Association records #3700
    • The [Waco] Brookview Neighborhood Association records documents the early stages of development for the community program. Minutes, by-laws, membership rosters, various reports and correspondence are included. A neighborhood housing survey is also available as it was the basis for early projects.
  • Fiesta de San Jacinto Invitations #459
    • The Fiesta de San Jacinto invitations include oversize invitations for the annual Fiesta de San Jacinto activities in San Antonio, Texas. The oversize items are dated 1937-1959 and include art prints and Fiesta history.
  • Edward Clark proclamations #285
    • The Edward Clark proclamation contains two photocopies of an 1861 proclamation by Texas Governor Edward Clark, calling for a military force of 2,000 to be raised for service in the Confederate Army.
  • Confederate Veterans collection #1864
    • The Confederate Veterans collection contains a program and delegate’s certificate to United Confederate Veterans reunions and two essays about veterans.
  • J.W. Curtis papers #355
    • The J.W. Curtis papers contain a single transcribed letter from Curtis, describing his work at a California gold field near Sacramento.
  • Gay Family collection #2229
    • The Gay Family collection contains genealogies of the Gay, Mann, and Ellis families, along with news clippings about Texas independence and Baylor University President Reddin Andrews. There is also a poem written in tribute to Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.
  • Sinia Reaves Brewer Harris papers #3016
    • The Sinia Reaves Brewer Harris papers contain correspondence, clippings, photographs, manuals, and other materials documenting Harris’ life and work as a a schoolteacher and project director for the National Youth Administration.
  • Pan American Round Table of Waco, Texas Scrapbooks #2964
    • The Pan American Round Table of Waco, Texas scrapbooks include seven books documenting events and membership of the organization. Scrapbooks consist of newspaper clippings, photographs, newsletters, conference programs, correspondence, and other related materials.
  • Reconstruction collection #2288
    • The Reconstruction collection contains general military orders #1 and #11 from the Reconstruction period in Texas history.
  • Henry C. Smith papers # 3784
    • The Henry C. Smith papers consist of letters and a few photographs recounting Smith’s daily experiences in the United States Army in flight cadet training school in Ithaca, New York; Dallas, Texas; and Waco, Texas during World War I.


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