Research Ready: May 2014

Each month, we post a processing update to notify our readers about the latest collections that have finding aids online and are primed for research. This month we have a few finding aids from the Archival Collections and Museums class that worked on archival processing projects with us here at The Texas Collection…and there will be more to come in upcoming months! Here’s the scoop for May:

Carroll Chapel furniture bids solicitation, 1902
Before Carroll Chapel and Library could be declared done in 1903, the building needed furniture! This letter solicits bids for Chapel seating, most of which would be lost in the 1922 fire. However, you still can see some of the pews in the corridors of the updated Carroll Library building today. BU Records: Carroll Buildings #BU/57, box 1, folder 1.
Letter from Carr P. Collins to Earl C. Hankamer regarding the Greater Baylor Campaign, 1930
Carr P. Collins and Earl C. Hankamer were both noted Baylor Trustees and supporters. Here Hankamer pledges to assist with the Greater Baylor fundraising campaign. BU Records: Greater Baylor Campaign #BU/100, box 4, folder 2.


  • Charles Guittard

    May 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm Reply

    Thanks again for these postings as they emphasize and preserve the history of the Baylor campus. They are so interesting I am wondering how Baylor students and graduates would be aware of them absent an email from you. And do any of these postings go out to prospective students? Is there a prospective student package which could go out to them? Charles G.

    • Amanda Norman

      May 30, 2014 at 2:46 pm Reply

      Hi Charles,

      It would be great if we could reach a wider audience. We do share all of our blogs on Facebook and Twitter, which currently reaches about 2,400 and 400 followers, respectively. (Not sure about how much those audiences overlap.) But, part of the nature of this kind of online outreach effort is that we can’t send unsolicited emails to a mass group of people–we could be accused of spamming. Baylor has to be pretty careful about the amount of email it sends out to make sure it doesn’t flood people’s inboxes.

      However, others are welcome to share on our behalf! We have friends/followers who share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other means. With everything we post we pick up a few more followers, who share with others who become followers, and so on–it’s all a big process! Aside from that, we have to rely on people searching online for Baylor facts and history, and based on the keywords we see in our analytics, people are looking for that kind of trivia. As always, we appreciate your continued interest, and we hope that if you have friends you think might be interested in some of our posts, you’ll pass them along.

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