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Coping With a Travel Buddy
Hello all! This post will discuss travel buddies! Traveling with someone for a long period time can be fun but also exhausting. It is easy to get tired of being around the same person for a long period of time. Looking at the Relational Dialectics Th (More)
Hello Blog! Today we will be talking about using the Face Negotiation Theory while traveling. We will analyze what the theory is and how to use it. Before traveling it is important to do your research in (More)
Being Aware of Other Cultures
When we travel to a new place it is important to understand what cultures and c0-cultures we are going into. In every country there are many (More)
Being Precise
Hello Blog! Today we will discuss the Elaboration Likelihood Model to determine where the best place for your to travel is and when the best (More)
Learning To Be In The Moment
Hi Blog! This post we are going to talk about Media Ecology and how to use your time while traveling focusing on reality rather than staying (More)
Building New Relationships Through Travel
If you are looking to travel with out spending too much while meeting and interacting with a group of people who share the same passion, the (More)
Week 14 Blog Post
"I'm gonna have to start scrambling:" Persuasion used in Survivor. My friends and I love watching Survivor. I started watching it last semester with my roommate and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows. As I have watched I have noticed t (More)
Week 13 Blog Post
Modern Day Propaganda: How to be careful with what you believe. I had never truly considered propaganda until just recently. I wasn't really sure what it even was or meant. I had heard about it in World War II, and I think I just assumed it was so (More)
Week 12 Blog Post
New Collections and Old Tactics: Amazon is really good at getting you to spend money. I really like football, more specifically, college football. I look forward to it every year, and am sad when it is over in January. Recently, I have decided to (More)
Week 10 Post
Persuasion and the NFL: How closely is the current NFL situation related to the Civil Rights Movement? It's no secret, what is happening in the NFL today. A movement started by Colin Kaepernick of kneeling for the national anthem before football g (More)
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