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  It's the last week. The. last. week. I know we all need some motivation, so I took it upon myself to give my hall mates some of it. This was the resul (More)
We are at the final stretch now. The days are short but the nights are long. Sometimes, they are never ending. However, the endless hours of studying are worth (More)
Midnight Rescue Team
By Maggie Malone Recently, I joined up with an unofficial student group called “The Whatever” to impact the Baylor campus with a kindness challenge called #arkweek2015. It was a great chance to step out of my dorm, make some new friends, and showe (More)
Study Study Study
Today, I played catchup on all of my classes. So, if you\'re looking for me today you can find me in the library. I feel like  don\'t have time to do anyt (More)
Fueled by Distraction
By Aaron Carter One of the more nostalgic parts of my childhood is in the form of a restaurant that my family frequented when I was about five. It was a cheap, Greek-style place, with torn up carpet floors and dusty, fake plants hanging in every c (More)
75° in February?!
By Marisela Martin I haven’t done much recently due to a busy school schedule, and not to seem cliché or anything, but this Waco weather has everyone stunned. Now many of my friends think I’m crazy because I absolutely LOVE the winter season. Howe (More)
Crunch Time
By Emily Martin As the semester comes to an end, everyone is frantically studying for finals in an attempt to pull up their grades. I don’t know about you, but that exhausts me and stresses me out to the max. When I stress, I get headaches, and wh (More)
The Do\'s and Don\'ts of Finals Week
By Maggie Malone                   Finals week is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen. You know what that means. College students around America are shrieking with horror (More)
Study Music
I haven\'t found my perfect study music yet. Honestly, its really hard. Since I usually don\'t listen to chill music it is really difficult to find music on my phone that I can study to. I\'ve tried Rap, Pop, and R&B. So far none these work very (More)
Got Time?
By Patara Williams Your syllabus says, “Semester Long Project,” but of course, you were at the top of your class in high school and no assignment has ever taken you more than a few hours, even projects. Do away with that thought. Seriously. (More)
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