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Doug Ferdon Scholarship Fund
In his long career at Baylor University, both as a faculty member and as chair, Dr. Doug Ferdon’s primary focus was on students. He mentored, nurtured, and empowered numerous generations of young journalists and public relations professionals. He sta (More)
USRA announces undergraduate scholarship opportunities
Click to view the program flyer. The Universities Space Research Association (USRA) is currentl (More)
Graduate student wins award from industry group for her engineering research
A Baylor graduate student recently earned a scholarship award from the Society of Plastics Engineers for her research on nondestructive testing methods for fiber-reinforced, laminate composites. [caption id=\"attachment_1863\" align=\"alignright\" (More)
Recording of Livingston presentation
Thanks to the magic of Bearspace, the recording of Dr. Michael Livingston's "Tolkien’s Creation by Edition: The Medieval Origins of The Hobbit" is now online and ready to be heard. More)
Inter(departme)n(t)al talent
In the spirit of fostering interdepartmental collaboration and promoting the scholarship of Baylor's graduate students, the Medieval-Renaissance Research Seminar has found three scholars who are willing to share their research at our final symposium (More)