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Today in class we had a book tasting. Ms. Bilton and I placed different Young Adult novels on the tables and the students read the first couple pages of a book of their choosing for 5 minutes and then evaluated that book on paper. During the book tas (More)
Today in class the students took a placement test so that Ms. Bilton and I can see how we can help them this year. During our block period, we realized that we didn’t have enough activities planned. So during the 2nd block, Ms. Bilton individually te (More)
Today, we read a StudySync Blast article and taught the students how to annotate. We took notes on a google slide and then Ms. Bilton read the article out loud. This included a lot of walking around the class and helping individual students as they a (More)
Today in class we read the “Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe. The class was so intrigued by the creepy murder story. We listened to it on audio on slow speed and the class was engaged the whole time. We paused it throughout to make sure they under (More)
Today, Ms. Bilton was out for Intern training so I was able to take charge of the class. We also had a sub but she let me lead the class. Today felt like it went so much faster than all the other days because I was on my feet doing things the whole d (More)
I want to personalize reading and especially writing with my students. In order to do this, I want to start modeling both to them and give them more choices. I also want to encourage each student’s writing instead of focusing on the negatives in orde (More)
Today in class, the students were working in groups of 3 or 4 using ACE to prove the narrator guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. I presented a prezi to the class and then gave the instructions to the class for their assignment. Each group me (More)
Today in class, the students had a mock trial. The narrator of the Tell Tale Heart was being tried and the students were either on the prosecution- proving he was guilty or on the defense- proving him not guilty due to insanity. This was such a fun a (More)
Today was my first day of full teach. I was feeling a little nervous because my mentor texted me the night before and told me that she was sick and wouldn’t be coming to school. This made me nervous because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to ge (More)
Today, I introduced a writing activity to the students. They were creating their own suspense scene as a table group. They typed on a shared google doc, and before they could start their story, they completed a brainstorming template. Some of the stu (More)
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