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Week 15 Reflection
My mind has been opened up a lot more here at Baylor. I recognize the opportunities available to me and some things I actually wanna pursue later in life. As said before in a previous reflection, I want to start investing in the stock market and deve (More)
Week 14 Reflection
Looking back at the course I have developed lots of friends in this class more than any other. I loved the ideas of discussing in class and within groups as we gained new knowledge while also developing friendships and breaking the ice. I love that t (More)
Week 13 Reflection
Through the readings and movie this week, I have gained more insight as to life being unfair. As much as we want life to go our way most of the time it does not. However, we can fail or get beat down 1000 times or more, but all it takes is one breakt (More)
Week 15 Blog
1.) First I have selected Kenneth Crespo. I have selected Kenneth because he is my suite mate who I developed a friendship with and I am interested to learn about his journey as a person who was not living in the U.S during his childhood. I liked his (More)
Week 14 Blog
Chapter 15: Throughout my years of young leadership I have never paid much attention to those three aspects of strengths of gender gaps. As I grew older I realized these aspects more and more. For example, human capital consists of the amount of skil (More)
Week 13 Blog
A.) My group struggled to meet, however, I did discuss the prompts with another group via zoom on November 23th,  2020 with Anthony Rodriguez around 1: pm and talked in the my dorm room with Kenneth Crespo. 1,) We first talked about question 2 whe (More)
Week 11 Reflection
One of the most common a popular notions of integrity that I can think of is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. The concept goes hand in hand with leadership as a leader should do what is right for his followers and the community. How (More)
Week 12 Reflection
Teamwork is one of the most important attributes to be successful in life in my opinion.  I usually love working with a team as it makes work easier and takes the load off of an individual. However, most of the time I am a lone wolf as I can work to (More)
Week 12 Blog
1.) Guest Speaker: Jim Dunham A.) Dr. Dunham explained very passionately how he believes everything happens for a reason. From almost being arrested to running in an election race, he explains to just keep going with the flow because these experie (More)
Week 11 Blog
1,) Ethical Dilemmas I. An ethical dilemma I thought of before class was assisted suicide. The taking of another life is morally wrong even if it is what the person wants. It is ultimately a hard decision to make. II. Kitchener's model regardin (More)
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