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(Digital Collections) Everyone's a Curator!
There was a time in the not so distant past when the word “curator” wasn’t heard much outside the polished marble halls of the world’s museums. People imagined curators as bespectacled, retiring types who, armed with a PhD in art history or some obsc (More)
(Digital Collections) Mrs. Neff’s Portrait: Or, The Things We Scan That Aren’t Online
If you’re a regular reader of this blog,* you know we feature items in this space that are drawn from our digital collections that we believe are unique, interesting or otherwise worthy of added exposure. And for that purpose, we have more than 35,00 (More)
(Digital Collections) Hot and Bot-hered: The Joys of Moderating Spam Comments

The Eternal Struggle for Bloggers

One of the un (More)
(Digital Collections) “So We Can Throw These Out Now, Right?”: What We Learned From Microfilming Newspapers and How It Shapes Our Digitization Strategy
Pictured: Scanner Fuel, from the stacks at Baylor University. Rec (More)
(Digital Collections) Get On Board with the DPG!
Waco-Young Men's Business League: 1912, from the Texas Collection's Photos (1) As we kick off a new year of digitization excellence he (More)
(Digital Collections) Tools of the Trade: The Specialized Scanners of the RDC
Following an encounter with one of the Dark Knight’s trademark high-tech gadgets in Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman,” the Joker famously quipped, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” We get a similar question – thankfully, from people of better m (More)
(Digital Collections) Want An Easier Way to Get Updates?
Just a quick note to tip you off to a feature we've enabled here at the Digital Collections blog: subscribe via email! Look over in the right-hand sidebar and find the "subscribe by email" box. Just enter your email address and hit submit, and you'll (More)
(Digital Collections) The Education of a Digitization Projects Group: A Dispatch from TCDL 2012
When the Digitization Projects Group isn't busy saving t (More)
(Digital Collections) Go With the (Work)Flow: How Things Get Done in the RDC
One thing we’ve learned about digitizing Baylor’s unique collections is the importance of front-end planning for the overall success of a project. It’s the crucial step that separates a “well, that went smoothly” project from a “nightmare of epic pro (More)
(Digital Collections) The DPG Team: An Essential Primer
The Team (from left): Darryl Stuhr, Allyson Riley, Eric Ames, Austin Schneider and Stephen Bolech[/c (More)
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