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Ashley Roesler (2020)
Ashley Roesler Hello! My name is Ashley, and I recently graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Computer Science in the Gaming Concentration. Now that I have (More)
Eric Jaroszewski (2022)
Eric Jaroszewski Currently a Sophomore at Baylor, plannin (More)
Chandler Bledsoe (2022)
  Joseph Chandler Shane Bledsoe I am a 19-year-old sophomore at Baylor University; I am majoring in computer science with a concentration on game desi (More)
Matthew Morris (2022)
Matthew Morris Class of 2022 Computer Science Gaming Major from Dallas, TX Career Goals I want to design games! Games Designed (More)
Evan Berryman (2022)
Evan Berryman "Once you go dual monitor, you never go back." Career Goals Working as either an indie dev or a larger development company such as id (More)
Jacob Senior (2023)
Jacob Senior I am a Baylor Computer Science major from Austin, TX. Career Goals I want to help develop games of big companies that are popular on today's gaming market. Someday I would also like to develop my own game idea.   Game (More)
Jeremy Meadows (2021)
Hi! I'm Jeremy Meadows 🙂 Game Pitch project video with Katie Looff: Escape the Night Game 1 Project with Katie Looff, Griffin DeClaire, and Josh Godwin: More)
Josh McKone (2023)
Josh McKone I'm a Baylor Computer Science Major with a concentration in Game Design. I love everything to do with computers, from building them to coding on the (More)
The Rampaging Wizard
In this game, you are a wizard and must defeat the undead army and destroy the boss. You can fire magic attacks to kill enemies. If you lose hp you can simply pick up a potion which will increase your hp by one. Gems can be collected by defeating (More)
Christopher Riccione (2023)
Chris Riccione I am a freshman majoring in Computer Science from San Antonio, Texas.   Career Goals Hopefully I can get a good job doing computer programming.   Experience None   Games Created Space Rocks More)
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