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"Let's Just be Friends": Camilla and the Circumscribed Desire for Male-Female Friendship
Throughout Fanny Burney's novel Camilla, the societal constraints on male-female friendship quickly become clear. Once Camilla reaches marriageable age, the possibility for friendship with Edgar is completely erased-- the persecutions of Mrs. Marglan (More)
Bragging Rights
I have deep-rooted insecurity. I do not believe that people want to be friends with me without having something to gain from it, or I believe that they talk behind my back. I don't always think I am beautiful. I hate the way my hair gets in humidity (More)
Time to Look Good
Being home for Thanksgiving was a lot of things I never expected. I am so so so so so so so SO glad I got to spend time with family, and see people I hadn't seen in a long while. We had a GREAT time. More)
Command A? Delete.
Last semester I took an introductory course in information management systems. Actually, this blog was started as a project for that class. Basically, we learned how to use computer programs such as Microsoft Excel or WordPress. I learned so much, th (More)
To need support and love is not a weakness. Everyone should realize this. Relying on others is necessary for survival and is fundamental to living a full life. Unfortunately, numerous people, including myself, believe the lie that complete self-suffi (More)
I Fell in Love
This is the year I fell in love. I fell in love with a campus I thought I'd never find my place in. I fell in love with a town that I used to think was the ugliest place in the world. I fell in love with the beautiful people who loved me well and (More)
Only at Baylor: Student Christmas Greeting Cards!
By Frances George, a Baylor parent Welcome to second semester! For the parents of prospective students reading this, I understand how you feel right about now: Huge, life altering decisions are facing your darlings, and you want to make sure the t (More)
“Baylor People are God’s People”
By Micah Furlong \"Baylor People are God\'s People\" - this is the thought that keeps running through my head as I try to understand my own situation. I\'ll spare you all the gory details, but it seems like my best friend has abandoned me after (More)
Fall Means Football In the South
By Emily Martin I have never been a huge fan of football. I lived overseas in Singapore for seven years, so the only \"football\" we had involving playing with a round ball and our feet. Attending Baylor has definitely changed my outlook on this p (More)
Tests, Tastes, Temperatures . . . Oh My!
By Diana Cates  TESTS. It’s that point in the semester where just about every professor decides to give his or her first exam. So as you can imagine, this produces a domino effect that requires many days and nights of studying. For some unknown re (More)
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