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All In
Finals. They are such a busy time. Not stressful, just busy. Oddly, I found myself really loving it. Because in the midst of prepping for each test, I never had to worry about anything other than making sure I do as well as possible. I ate enough, I (More)
Keeping Perspective During Finals
By Jaziah Masters It has come that frantic time in the semester when classes are ending and finals are coming. Meaning, this is the time, for better or for worse, to reflect upon the semester and see how it turned out. What did I do that worked? W (More)
Crunch Time
By Emily Martin As the semester comes to an end, everyone is frantically studying for finals in an attempt to pull up their grades. I don’t know about you, but that exhausts me and stresses me out to the max. When I stress, I get headaches, and wh (More)
The Do\'s and Don\'ts of Finals Week
By Maggie Malone                   Finals week is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen. You know what that means. College students around America are shrieking with horror (More)
Christmas On 5th
With Baylor being a baptist university, Christmas is a big deal. I usually do not like when people make a big deal about Christmas because I feel like it is all fake and really doesn\'t have any substance left. Baylor really makes sure that anyone on (More)
First Day Back in Class
After a long weekend, is it always hard to get back in the grove of waking up everyday and going to class. The part that makes it better is that I get to see my friends that I haven\'t seen in almost a week. There is also only one week until finals s (More)
Merry [Early] Christmas!
By Torie Abbott Christmas comes early for Baylor students! On Thursday, December 4th, Baylor students, faculty and their families, along with the community of Waco, will celebrate a long-standing university tradition: Christmas on 5th Street. This (More)
The Count Down
By Patara Williams Classes are over!!! Whoo-hooo! Just one more semester of undergraduate courses, and then I’m off to the real world! We have now entered “dead days”- days designated for students to prepare for finals So, as I sit here tryi (More)
The Finals Struggle is Real
By Sophia Cooper As a senior, this is my second-to-last finals week EVER. I\'ve survived six other rounds of college finals and eight rounds of high school finals. I should be an expert studier and be able to focus for hours. Instead, I default (More)
It\'s Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Finals!
By Avery Jackson That time of year is upon us! Yes, that’s right. IT\'S FINALS WEEK! As I procrastinate on my harder studies by doin (More)
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