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Special Events Coordinator
I took over the role of Special Events Coordinator at Antioch Community Church during May 2017, and I continue to hold this position even know. Over the course of the summer I was able to restructure the way that we did everything. I developed a new (More)
Common Grounds
I started working at Common Grounds May 2017 as a Barista and continue to work there to this day. It has been a place of joy in getting to work with customers and the staff. We produce a high quality product while providing a unique communal experien (More)
Baylor Gameroom
I worked in the Gameroom at Baylor University from August of 2015 until May of 2017. Here I was a full time student involved in work study and was in charge of managing the space. We would host parties and events, maintain functionality of the machin (More)
Childcare Opportunities
For the past 3 summers I have been able to work at home as a long-term babysitter or nanny. From June to August, while the parents are still working, I was able to go and spend days with the children and take care of them. These several summers of pl (More)
Summer Internship
This past summer I served as the Women's Ministry Intern for my church back in Birmingham, Mountain Brook Baptist Church. Through this internship I learned how to create financial budgets, plan events (reserve venues and catering) as well as write Bi (More)
Silas Marner and the Limitations of Experiential Knowledge
The peaceful ending of Silas Marner, and the weaver\'s ardent declaration that \"I think I shall trusten till I die\" seem tidy, neat, redemptive. However, I can\'t help but feel/think that something is missing. I feel unsatisfied, and I think that G (More)
Seven More to Go!
By Lauren Woods I like to compare my first semester at Baylor to climbing a very tall tree in the middle of a forest. This comparison might sound cliché or random, (More)
Soccer and Mexico
I mentioned how when I was younger that my love for soccer started in Italy, but once I got to high school my love for soccer was effected by the Mexican culture. I joined a team my sophomore year and the majority of the girls were Latino. The Latino (More)
This is not my first time using edublogs. I actually had to do a year long project during my senior year Environmental Science class. In this class we each kept up with a specific bed in our school garden, and the purpose of our blog was to do a few (More)
Whenever I start to describe myself, I immediately begin to talk about my family. My family is one of the most important aspects of my life in many many ways. Just like almost everyone, my family has helped shape me into who I am today. But my family (More)
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