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Journal Entry 11-20-19 After creating a topic for their research papers, the students started diving into database research. We taught the students how to search a database, and we used the resources that the library provides for the students to g (More)
Journal Entry 11-19-19 Today when my mentor teacher came back to the class, we started having the students pick topics for their research projects. Many of the students had little to no idea how to do research, so my mentor teacher and I introduce (More)
Journal Entry 11-18-19 Today my mentor teacher was absent, which gave me the opportunity to teach the class on my own while the substitute facilitated. The plan was to get the students to start thinking about what they wanted to do after high scho (More)
Journal Entry 10-26-19 After already teaching my regular students the vocabulary and background for “Masque of the Red Death,” I decided to do a quick review. All I did was show a short video on Poe’s life to reiterate some of the important parts (More)
Journal Entry 10-25-19 To help some of my regular English 2 students stay engaged with the class content, I decided to teach “Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allen Poe for the week of Halloween. The poem has a lot of complex symbols in it, so I (More)
Journal 11-20-19 The goal of the day was to finish the story “The Possibility of Evil,” and to get the students to start looking for a possible theme. We began the class by recapping with the students what they remember happened the day before. So (More)
Journal Entry 11-19-19 The day before the class had started preparing to read “The Possibility of Evil.” With the students already thinking about the story’s theme, we began by reading the story together. Intentionally, we only made it through hal (More)
Journal Entry 11-18-19 Today my students began reading “The Possibility of Evil” in class. The short story is an interesting one that deals with a lot of moral dilemmas about what evil is. To get the students engaged and thinking about the story b (More)
Journal Entry 11-6-19 Today my students were watching the “Harrison Bergeron” movie after having read the short story in class the week prior. While the movie was going I decided to help my mentor teacher grade the definition essays that my studen (More)
Journal Entry 11-5-19 Taking a backseat role as a teacher after doing my full teach experience is taking a lot of time to get used to. Although I do feel more comfortable in the classroom, it is hard to find out where I can impact my students as a (More)
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