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(Digital Collections) Caps, Gowns and College Towns: Collegiate Life in The Spencer Collection
It's cap and gown season here on the campus of ol' BU, and the class of 2015 has a lot to celebrate. (More)
sign on the dotted line
My last four years at Baylor University have been filled with all the highs and all the lows. I met some wonderful people, and at the same time pined to find my place. I was inspired by professors and faculty, and was left questioning others. I had g (More)
Learning to Utilize Resources at Baylor
First semester My first semester has been a whirlwind. Beyond all of the social obstacles, I have had to learn how to utilize all of the resources that I atten (More)
Planning for College
Planning for college can be tough and scary. I remember in high school I was told I needed to know my major and what I wanted to do as soon as college was over. This scared me so I picked something that I thought I would enjoy. Turns out, they were w (More)
Choosing a College
One question that I got asked a lot in the first month of school was "Why did you choose Baylor?" This question was never that hard for me. I grew up in a Baylor household with a lot of family members that attended here so it automatically felt like (More)
Study Tips
One thing that I have always struggled with is studying. I do not like quite, sitting in one place, or not being able to be social. Even though I do not like doing this, it is a requirement for college and in life. Here are a few tips that have helpe (More)
College Tip
I am a night owl with 8am classes. This was definitely not a good combination. The first part of the semester, I would stay up late and not get enough sleep. This caused for me to loose focus in class easily and then want to nap all day instead of st (More)
Staying Grounded Spiritually in College
College is a crazy time full of changes and being away from home.  You have to create an entire new routine.  Sometimes college kids have a hard time making time for the Lord with this new schedule and being so busy.  Lucky for me, Waco offers many w (More)
Living the Dorm Life
I am currently writing this post from my dorm room bed.  I truly have appreciated my time living in Collins.  You really learn a lot about yourself when you live in a small cube with a stranger and share a bathroom with fifty girls.  I have learned t (More)
One Semester Down (almost)
As I prepare for my first round of final exams I am wondering where time went.  I distinctly remember move in day and welcome week here at Baylor.  Though there were days that felt like they were never going to end, this semester flashed before my ey (More)
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