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Baylor art professor named an emerging artist by Musée Magazine
H. Jennings Sheffield, assistant professor of art, photography in Baylor's College of Arts & Sciences, was recently named an "emerging artist" by Musée Magazine, an international photography publication. Her work, Tethered, appeared in the magazi (More)
URSA recognizes support of undergraduate research with annual Awards in Excellence and Service
The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) Steering Committee, along with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, have announced the recipients of the 2015 URSA Awards in Excellence and Service. The awards are presented annually (More)
Baylor professor receives NIH grant to study connection between early-life seizures and autism
Dr. Joaquin Lugo, who recently received a grant from the NIH for his research project, \"Signaling mechanisms underlying epilepsy and autism comorbidity.\" Dr. Joaquin L (More)
Baylor research helps provide resolution to families of missing immigrants found near the border
Stevie Hope, a 2014 Baylor anthropology graduate, and Cole Lindeberg, a senior anthropology major, work to exhume an unmarked grave at a cemetery in South Texas. Every y (More)
Upcoming event: Dr. Thure E. Cerling to present lecture on the environmental context of human evolution in East Africa
WHAT Baylor\'s Geology Department, the College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of the Provost present a special lecture by Dr. Thure E. Cerling, a distinguished pro (More)
Baylor researchers release free iPhone app to screen for pediatric eye cancer
Two Baylor faculty members have collaborated to create a new smartphone app that allows users to screen their children for retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, just by taking a picture. Dr. Bryan Shaw, an assistant professor of chemistry in (More)
Baylor students get back to nature in the fight against antibiotic-resistant pathogens
Michael Cotten (left), a graduate student in biology, looks on as undergraduates Shelby Armstrong and Shanze Zar examine a petri dish containing isolates found in soil samples.[/capt (More)
Baylor research in the news: Dinosaurs may have fallen victim to historically bad timing
#165517482 / More)
Baylor anthropologists make first positive identification of remains in Brooks County
In this report from KSAT-TV San Antonio, Baylor anthropologist Dr. Lori Baker discusses the work she and a team of students have undertaken to identify the bodies of undocumented immigrants in Brooks County, Texas.  Baker, an associate professor (More)
Upcoming event: CASPER seminar with Dr. Jay Pulliam
The Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research (CASPER) presents a lecture by Dr. Jay Pulliam, the W.M. Keck Professor of Geophysics in Baylor\'s College of Arts & Sciences. \"Seafloor Seismology: Research and Technology Nee (More)
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