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(Digital Collections) "Lord, Don't Forget About Me" - Thoughts on Sustainability, Digital Collections and Museums
This week, I've been attending the Texas Association of Museums' annual conference in Ft. Worth (a.k.a. Cowtown, a.k.a. Funkytown). Amid the usual offe (More)
(Digital Collections) Gather ‘Round and Download the Tale: A Primer for Digital Storytelling in Archives
Storytelling, the analogue / shiny-shirt-wearing versionFrom the More)
(Digital Collections) This Just In! A Quick Look at the DPG in the News So Far This Year
Just a quick post this week to update you all on a couple of the places the DPG and the Digital Collections have been popping up in the media over the past couple of months. We're always grateful for our work to be featured in any potential arena - d (More)
(Digital Collections) The First Engineer's Update on the BGMRP (3/20/2008)
Hello, I finished up the Preservation transfer of our lot 27 this morning. Lot 27 contains 52 items, mostly LPs. One of the highlights of the Lot is an item which is signed by 4 members of the Staple Singers. We plan to finish up scanning this colle (More)
(Digital Collections) Access to the Sound Files
The question we receive the most from people interested in this project is related to information on how they can listen to or obtain copies of these recordings. Unfortunately, the material we are collecting was produced between 1940 and 1970, and a (More)
(Digital Collections) Engineer's Update for 6-19-2008
We are well into lot 34, a lot which contains 50 7-inch discs.  Most of the collection seems to be of 45s from the Chicago area and the greater mid-west. So far, for me some of the highlights include recordings by the Wind City Four and The Flying Cl (More)
(Digital Collections) Preserving America's Black Gospel Heritage
On February 19th, 2009, Bob Marovich, Amanda Harlan, and Tony Tadey represented Baylor University's Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at the Music Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago. Bob Marovich (gospel historian) presented on gos (More)
(Digital Collections) Ashley Cleveland Supports The Black Gospel Music Project
Ashley Cleveland Performs at Baylor University We thank Ashley and her husband, Kenny Greenberg, for their support of our project. (More)
(Digital Collections) Update on Copyright and the Collection
As a result of the preservation work of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, these recordings are presented here free for personal, non-commercial use as a contribution to education and scholarship. Ba (More)
(Digital Collections) Robert Darden featured in documentary
Our own Robert Darden is part of the following documentary. Please click to view the video. Looking for Rare Gospel Vinyl (More)
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