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(Digital Collections) Spring Hats, Julius Caesar and Marriage Proposals: Leap Day Through the Front Pages of the "Lariat", 1904-1988
Today is February 29th, which of course means it’s Leap Day, the extra day added to the calendar every four years to make up for the fraction of an extra day we experience beyond the standard 24 hours. Over the course of four years, those fractions a (More)
(Digital Collections) A Century of Daily Baylor History, Now Online: The "Lariat" Digital Collection
The "Lariat" digital collection spans the entire 20th century and beyond If you (More)
(Digital Collections) A Double Inspiration: The Tragic and Triumphant Lives of Judge Quentin Corley and Frank G. Coleman
As the work to post the audio of the final years of Dr. George W. Truett’s long career continues apace, I was generating a transc (More)
Parrish Wins a "Betsy"
Each year, Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences presents “Betsy” awards — named in honor of retired Associate Dean Elizabeth Vardaman. The award is given to Baylor facu (More)
Poage/GRC Spring 2021 Semester Recap
This blog post was written by Processing Archivist Thomas DeShong and GRC Operations Manager Jonathan Tomes. Introduction For the past several semesters, staff have taken time to reflect upon what has transpired over the course of the semester. (More)
Beloved Office Manager Retires
After 33 years of employment by Baylor University, JPR&NM Office Manager Margaret Kramer retired May 31. “We are sincerely going to miss Ms. Kramer,” Chair Mia Moody-R (More)
(Digital Collections) Loan, Give, Tip: How Your Materials Can Become a Part of Our Collections
Materials from the S.E. Tull Collection of historic Bapt (More)
(Digital Collections) Hidden in Plain Sight: Looking Closer at the Diamond Jubilee, Baylor University, 1920
Baylor University was in the mood to celebrate in 1920, for that was the year of its diamond jubilee. Seventy-five years earlier, in the Washington County town of Independence, the university was established and named for Judge R.E.B. Baylor; the ens (More)
(Digital Collections) Scott Joplin’s “Great Crush Collision March" and the Memorialization of a Marketing Spectacle
For most people, the name Scott Joplin brings up a common range of responses: ragtime music, the Maple Leaf Rag, and his opera Tre (More)
In Memory of Harry Marsh
By David McHam Harry Marsh, Ph.D. was a very special person and one of the best people I had the opportunity to work with during my career. He joined th (More)
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