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(Digital Collections) “So We Can Throw These Out Now, Right?”: What We Learned From Microfilming Newspapers and How It Shapes Our Digitization Strategy
Pictured: Scanner Fuel, from the stacks at Baylor University. Rec (More)
(Digital Collections) Where The Bears Made Their Dens Back Then: A Multimedia Visualization of Baylor Student Housing From 1913-1914

(Digital Collections) A New Dimension for our Collections: Introducing the Digital Collections Podcast
Imagine a world without sound. Your favorite music – gone. No more conversations with loved ones, oral tradition is extinct, beloved stories lose their impact. A world without sound would be a world without texture, without emphasis. This is the wor (More)
(Digital Collections) Go With the (Work)Flow: How Things Get Done in the RDC
One thing we’ve learned about digitizing Baylor’s unique collections is the importance of front-end planning for the overall success of a project. It’s the crucial step that separates a “well, that went smoothly” project from a “nightmare of epic pro (More)
(Digital Collections) What We Did On Our Pre-Summer Vacation: News, Updates and Miscellanea from the DPG
If you follow our Facebook page (and if you don’t, we’d love it if you would!), you saw that the DPG took time the past two weeks to participate in our bi-annual “shutdown” period. We ins (More)
(Digital Collections) If You Scan Something, Set It Free: The Surprising Places We Find Our Digital Objects Online
[caption id="attachment_922" align="aligncenter" width="628"] An image from the Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music makes an ap (More)
(Digital Collections) The Unsurprisingly Consistent Vein of Sorrow in the Works of the Armstrong Browning Library’s Women Poets Collection
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="482"] Title page from "A Story of Doom and Other Poems" by Jean Ingelow, one of the uplifting titles from the 19th Century Women Poets Collection.

You could be forgiven for assuming that a collecti (More)
(Digital Collections) Expectations for the Freshman Class: An Examination of the Annual Catalogue of 1889-1890
Cover of the 1889-1890 Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Baylor (More)
(Digital Collections) A Diverse Topic Demands A Diverse Collection: The John Armstrong Collection
This is the final installment in our series of blog posts exploring the digital collections related to the life and legacy of John F. Kennedy. To read the pr (More)
(Digital Collections) Feeding Our Nostalgia: A Sampling of Waco's Favorite Former Restaurants, Via the BU Libraries Athletics Archive
Although the temperatures outside our offices here on campus don’t reflect it yet, the calendar says we’ve officially entered fall. And with its arrival come (More)
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