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Stranded on an Island
Looking back at my MBA experience so far, I was thinking of the main themes that resonated throughout the program.  One that I kept coming back to me is the idea of teamwork.  Baylor forces teamwork in almost every class and even across classes.  The (More)
Top Tools for MBA's
So I am reading a book about how to organize and tidy my place up (nerd, I know) and was thinking about what all do I actually need to get by right now.  Let's start with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and work from there.  Food, water, shelter and clot (More)
Job Search Burnout
When you get to the point in your job search that you know what questions come next on the ATS(Applicant Tracking System), you are probably burnt out of the whole process.  Making resumes and cover letters can be exhausting not to mention a full time (More)
Ping Pong
Ok, just imagine it has been a long day of classes and you just need to take your mind off of school for a few minutes before that group meeting starts. Where are you going to do that? Well at Baylor, we have an awesome(albeit warped) ping pong ta (More)
GBA Networking Event
On 11/4/2016, GBA (Graduate Business Association) is hosting a networking event with Dean Terry Maness and the Baylor Business Advisory Board. This event, created by GBA, is an effort to allow students to mingle with 25 executives from top firms that (More)
Almost There!
We are in the home stretch of the semester and the last 5 weeks are upon us.  Some days it seems like the work never ends, but soon enough it will.  And while you are excited for that time, I urge you to really buckle down these last few weeks and ma (More)
It's Election Time
Now that the third debate is over, we can rest easy knowing that in just a few weeks our commercial breaks will go back to showing products that we don't need again.  But seriously, we have a great responsibility in front of us to get out and vote. (More)
What's Really Important
Last week, I had Taco Tuesday scheduled with a good friend of mine.  The problem was that on Wednesday I was leaving for a career fair and was trying to get all my homework done ahead of time.  I sat down earlier in the afternoon and by the time I lo (More)
MBA & Reading
Throughout the program you are going to learn a lot about various topics.  One medium that Baylor uses a lot is books and articles.  The level and amount of reading changes per class,  but during the course of a semester you most likely read a few bo (More)
Whoa!  What does that mean?!? National Black MBA Association. As an MBA looking for a career after graduation, I am looking for ways to increase my chances of landing a job.  One avenue that Baylor offers is the National Black MBA Associations ann (More)
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