Brief Update on Activities in the CLSC

Central Libraries Special Collections have a busy fall ahead and are excited about the coming year 2019-20!

Here are a few highlights from our past first year:

Prof. Reid and Christian Scriptures Class / Truett


  • Added new in-class rare book partnerships with faculty from Business, English, Truett, Museum Studies, and Art.
  • Partnered with new researchers from our local community all the way to Israel.
  • Launched a St. John’s Bible program, with 457 patrons to-date experiencing the Bible since its arrival in late February.
  • Completed successful Teaching Fellows with faculty and graduate students from Museum Studies and Religion.
  • Pulled 1,259 items for classes and individuals.

Collections management (procedures, processing, stacks maintenance, stats, research on collections, collection development, budget,etc…)

  • This was the year to get organized. We created a new webpage, blog, LibInsight statistics forms, collection review tool, general workflows, and a collection management policy (complete except for music section).
  • Began new workflows for archival collections.
  • Working with Clayton Crenshaw (Music Librarian), began integrating processing for music and fine arts special collections.
  • Coordinated acquisition of new collection – Eldon Jay Epp Collection.

Collections Care and Preservation

  • Coordinated and presented at Preservation Week in conjunction with McLennan County/Waco Public Library.
  • Incorporated rare music housing and preservation into general workflows.

Here are a few highlights for this coming Fall!

CLSC rare books are already booked to visit several classes including

  • Honors / Christian Scriptures
  • Combined English / Chaucer class with Armstrong Browning Library
  • Religion / doctoral seminar on New Testament Text Criticism
  • Hebrew

This fall, the St. John’s Bible has already been at the Museum Studies’ Faculty Retreat, Student Life Global Missions’ staff meeting, and will ‘participate’ in two major events (Dedication and Lecture by Fr. Eric Hollas from St. John’s).

In addition, the volumes are already booked for:

A day at Chapel
Truett classes
Honor’s Christian Scripture class
Central Christian Church group
McGregor Rotary Club
St. Matthew Lutheran Church exhibition


Stay tuned for more updates this Fall!

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