Electronic Portfolio FAQs, Tips, Best Practices

This is a work in progress. More will be added as questions come in. If you have a question, please add it to the comments at the bottom of this page so we can answer and add to the list. If you want an answer to your question emailed to you, please enter your email address.


How can I insert a link to an image instead of embedding in the post?

  1. Create a new page (not post) and insert the image into it. Publish it and copy the URL.
  2. Highlight the text in the post you want to be the hyperlink and use the insert link tool.
  3. Click on the gear icon  paste the link into the URL field or select the page you want to link to from the list.
  4. Enter the text you want to be the link on the post or page.
  5. This way clicking on the link opens the image in an actual page and will display captions.

How do I add a page to the navigation menu?

To display a new page in the upper right-hand page menu:

  1. After the page is created, go to the Menu options (either from the list under your name on the site page or under Appearance on the dashboard.
  2. Make sure Main Menu is displayed in the pull down menu by “Select a menu to edit:”. If not, choose it and click on “Select”.
  3. Place a checkmark in the box to the left of the page you added and click the button “Add to Menu”.
  4. Locate the page and drag it to the location in the menu you want it to be displayed.
  5. Click on the “Save Menu” button. The page should now be displayed in the menu options on the site pages.

How do I make PDF documents display and not download when clicked on?

PDFs are not the best way to display documents on the web. Though nowadays most newer browsers are set up to view the document, you can’t assume that is universally true. There is a likelihood it will download the file instead of display it. It’s best if you use jpeg images to make sure your work is displayed as desired.

Why is my post (or edits to a post) not showing up?

When you have changed and formatted the page the way you want, be sure and click on the blue “Publish” button for a new post or “Update” button after editing an existing post save your changes.

Why does my post not show up in the intended benchmark?

  • If you don’t find your most recent post, check to make sure a benchmark category was selected. If not, it automatically publishes as “Uncategorized”, which needs to be deselected in the editing page and the proper category selected.
  • It’s always advisable to make sure your new posts show up when “All Benchmarks” is selected on the site page. Double check that the proper benchmark is displayed above the title and the correct tags are displayed under the title.

I made a mistake and deleted a page or post. can I get it back?

Click on Pages>All Pages or Posts>All Posts. At the top of the list window, if there is anything in the Trash, the word “Trash” will be displayed. Click on it and hover over the page or post you deleted and click on “Restore” to recover or “Delete Permanently” to make it of away forever.

Can I change the date on a post so it will show up in the correct sequence?

In the editing window for a page or post, look on the right-hand Publish box and edit the “Published on” date.


  • There is a list view and a thumbnail view in the Media Library. The list view gives more information at a glance and can be sorted by clicking on the header for each column.
  • Clicking on the image displayed in the page or post opens a browser window with the image at full size. Your instructor will do this if details of the image are too small to view properly. Make sure the original is decent quality and size and (again) optimized for a file size that does not take too long to open.
  • You are required to obscure student faces and names and any other identifying information in all posted images. Do this before uploading the image or video.
  • Notice the various editing options available when an image is selected: title, caption (will be displayed under the image on the page), alignment on the page, and how large to display the image.
  • Clicking on media inserted in the editing window pops up a menu of options.
  • You can create a gallery that consists of more than one image to publish on your page or post. When you click on the “Add Media” button in the page or post editor, the window that pops up has a “Create Gallery” option. You can use it to display multiple images together. Captions added to these will only be visible when the photo is moused over.
  • Add photos to your gallery at a larger, readable size, but insert them to your page at a smaller size from the options offered upon insertion. Your instructor can then click on the smaller image on the post to open the larger if a closer look is warranted. WordPress helps maintain optimal speed of the site by creating a version for display at a more optimized file size according to the size setting you choose in the image editing window.
  • As the admin for the page, you can return to the editing window directly from a post by clicking on “Edit”. Be sure and click on “Update” after you make any changes.

Best Practice


  • Though there is a very generous 20 MB size limit on media uploads, it is still advisable to optimize your images (good web practice) before uploading. There is a 500 MB limit on your entire site. If you use space for unnecessarily large images, it may cause you headaches and a lot of work later.



Miscellaneous Topics

  • Backup of your work is still your responsibility. We have always advised students who use campus computers to have a flash drive dedicated to the efolio and to make sure all documents and images are organized there in case of a catastrophic event. If you use your personal computer, it serves the same archive and organizational purpose as a dedicated flash. Your online presence is backed up regularly, but your keeping track of and maintaining copies of your content is still important.

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    Please elaborate on posting videos so that they do not download to the computer of the viewer and how to put a caption on it.

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