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October 16, 2015
by Baylor Instant Impact

SOE’s Dr. Karon LeCompte Becomes Faculty-in-Residence for Leadership LLC [10/16/2015]


Dr. Karon LeCompte, faculty-in-residence in the Leadership LLC, and her husband, Randy, love to welcome students to their new home in Dawson-Allen Hall.

When Dr. Karon LeCompte and her husband, Randy, moved into a new home this summer, it was a nice, quiet spot. That all changed on Aug. 19.

An assistant professor in the Baylor School of Education, LeCompte is serving as faculty-in-residence (FIR) at Baylor’s Leadership Living-Learning Center. She and Randy occupy a 2000-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment in Allen-Dawson Hall, living alongside more than 300 Baylor students, with more than two-thirds of them freshmen. Most of the students in Allen-Dawson are pursuing an academic minor in leadership through the School of Education.

“It was quiet when we first came,” Randy said. “But once the students arrived, there’s just an electricity in the air.” Continue Reading →